Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daughter's New Room

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to share some pics of my 13 year old daughter's room. We repainted and decorated it about 2 weeks ago. I don't have any before pictures,but believe me her room looks MUCH better! Before, her color scheme was apple green walls with pink and black. It was also very cluttered.She is in love with Tiffany blue and damask, so it was easy to come up with a new more grown up look for her room. The paint is a custom mix from a ribbon on her pillow. She also decided to pare down her decorations in order to bring a more calm feeling to this very small room.

Here's a shot of her bed. The damask coverlet and shams came from Steinmart. Can you believe the coverlet was only $19.99? The shams, however were $16.99 each! I still feel they were a deal because she loved them and every other damask bedding I priced was at least $200. The fleece blanket came from Target and just happened to match the Tiffany blue on her walls perfectly...decorating kismet!
The decorative pillows started out in life as black. It was not long before we realized black  pillows and two shedding cats do not go very well together! We found this simple cotton fabric at Hobby Lobby and I made the covers myself. Here are a couple of closeups of the pillow's details:

The rolled and gathered roses are made from ribbon and finished with a decorative button in the middle. The pillow in the  bottom picture was made to look like a present. This was my daughter's idea. I wrapped the ribbon around the pillow and sewed it together on the back. The bow is attached to the ribbon with hot glue and the whole thing can be slipped off to wash the pillow. In the center of the bow is a vintage rhinestone earring I purchased from Ebay a few years ago.
say hi to our kitty, TC!
Above the bed is a collage that my daughter made. I bought the canvas at Hobby Lobby and she painted it and decorated it with some of her favorite things. She will add to it as she collects pictures and mementos.The sconces are from Kirklands and the damask candles are another Hobby Lobby find.
To the right of her bed is a curio cabinet my father-in-law made for my daughter. She houses her most precious things in there! My FIL also made the nightstand you see to the right. The lamps are originally from Target, but my daughter swiped them from my craft room! I think we need one extra pillow for her bed.We are looking out as we shop or come up with ideas for one.
Here is a tassel I made for her curio cabinet. I made it from a shoe Christmas ornament and matching trims and ribbons from my stash. I love it! The next pictures are of her dressers. These are vintage pieces that were bought  at an auction and refinished by my father-in-law as well: Isn't he great?

As you can see I have been busy, but the craft room is calling, so I hope to have some new cards to share with you soon!

As always, Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Kirsty

    Can you just pop over to my place and decorate my bedroom! Just love what you've done in your daughter's bedroom, from the fabrics, decorated pillows to the colour on the walls - all totally gorgeous!



  2. WOW she is one lucky girl! I love that colour scheme!! You have given me so many fabulous ideas now for our new bedroom! The covers for the pillows are amazing! If you have time you can always come and decorate mine! x

  3. WOW, I would have loved this room as a girl..oh who am I kidding, I would like it now! Well done!!!

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous room fit for a queen! Love the bling and the beautiful embelishments! What a lucky girl! Definately blessed!

  5. Love it! The color is so pretty. You 2 did a great job.

  6. Wow! This look right out of the pages of a glossy magazine! What a lucky girl. You've done such a magnificent job with her room. Wow again!

  7. Hey Kristi, hope everything is great and you're just too busy to craft/post... I miss your cheerful and elegant creations!!! Hope you get some spare time to devote to the blogaworld soon :-)

  8. Your daughter's room is gorgeous, Kristi! I have a 13 YO, too, and she wants her room redecorated. We just can't get to it right now, but I am highly inspired by your re-do. Great job on finding inexpensive bedding!

  9. What a lucky girl. That room is beautiful.

  10. Just wondering what color paint you used????

    1. It was custom mixed from some ribbon we had.

  11. What a fantastic job you both have done. Well, the three of you including your wonderful FIL. WOW. There are so many fabulous details here. This is a room straight out of a swanky designer's head yet the components were purchased at my favorite stores (I love them every one), all very affordable. Now THAT is the mark of a true artist where you can do such great design on such a practical budget. Well done! Makes me want to redo my own bedroom! (Will have to break it gently to hubby, though.) :)

  12. How beautiful! Yes, those vintage dressers are amazingly restored. Great job! Your colour choices are sweet for a teen room. Thanks for sharing!


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