Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012 Blog Party

Hi everyone! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.I would like to thank Karen over at My Desert Cottage for hosting her yearly soiree' of our creating and blogging spaces.This is the first time I am sharing and I'm thrilled to be able to show you my special creative space!

My  space has seen many incarnations and rooms of my house. I have been in the garage, dining room and finally a room of my own when my son left home a couple of years ago.   This version of my craft space is a culmination of a year of trying to configure things to work for me and our family. I finally decided to create a crafty, yet multipurpose space for exercising, relaxing and creating.

Back in January, I completely redecorated this room and tried to create a French inspired look. I should name it the "Triple B" room: Burlap,Birds and Butterflies! I decided we needed a daybed should the need for a guestroom arise. My daughter can also use it as extra space for sleepover parties. The elliptical machine is there for exercise. The rest is dedicated to creativity and houses all of my creative supplies and a work surface. I also wanted this room to be as pretty as it is functional because it is on the main floor of our home and I wanted it to fit in with the rest of the overall decor.

Without further adieu, I present my creative space: I have captioned most of the pictures so you can browse them easily.  This is picture heavy, click on any picture and be taken to the picture lightbox if you prefer not to scroll.

I have made extensive use of Jetmax cubes purchased at Micheal's Arts and Crafts Stores

South wall above Jetmax Cubes
Here is where I keep my inks and mists

My desk is made up of Jetmax cubes stacked 2 deep and topped with melamine shelves from Lowe's.
 I keep  my most used supplies and tools here for easy access. This area is directly across the room from the shelf/cube area.

My desk top. Martha Stewart self healing mat,tool caddy,laptop,pens and cute bird lamp!
 Next up is a peek inside the drawers if my desk:


This is located right at my back, so I put my most used papers here.

Scoreboard, extra paper trimmers and baby wipes

Callie And T C ...they like to keep me company
I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to make cards and create freely!
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed touring my most favorite place!




  1. Ok now, next year I am taking way more pictures.Your tour made sense...I did not take enough close ups so my tour requires you to peer at my photos.
    It was heavenly to just scroll through yours! Lovely space!

  2. Wish my room was so organized. Very nice. Edna

  3. You have wonderful studio Kristi!!! I love that you've utilized each and every space ~ and inside your drawers is wonderful...I need to work on that in mine! xxoo, Dawn

  4. Hello...I'm in love with your organizational skills. Those drawers full of stamps make me drool...oh that I had that sort of space to play with. Thanks so much for sharing your studio....hope you will come to my place!

    ciao bella
    your newest follower

    creative carmelina

  5. Oh my just look at all those wonderful supplies you have! Wish I could reach in and just take a few- you'd never know I am sure! Wonderful space!

  6. Hi - loved your idea for putting lace and ribbon on tags - I'll have to try
    that. You have some yummy supplies. I'm still trying to build mine up. You can never have too many embellishments, paper, ribbon - I could go on and on. Loved the color scheme. Scamper says hi to TC. Thanks for the tour and stopping by earlier...Pam

  7. Oh My! Everything has a place in your studio. So organized and pretty too. Love the kitty.


  8. Birdies! I collect birds, too, although most of my collection is not in my art room. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wow, what a great space. So organized, just love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lov your space! Is it always so neat?? And I can relate to the cats. Mine was on my stamping table the other night, sleeping on the scrapbook I have been working on.

  11. Well done! Your space is so functional yet so nicely organized and decorated. I especially like that you kept the chifferobe natural, to show off the era. Thanks for sharing your space.

  12. Kristi, what a great space. Callie and TC look like they're doing a good job as studio assistants! I love your grandmother's chifferobe and it's great that you didn't paint it because the wood grain is so very beautiful. How lucky you are to have that! Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  13. Love your space - soooooo organized tfs!!!

  14. Hi Kristi, Love your studio. You have lots of supplies and embellishments. I can see that you are a very talented crafter. Your kitties are so sweet, Kristi!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing!! I love to see paper artist with their stuff. I have a lot myself. Your stamp tower is great!! hugs

  16. Ok now you are shaming me. Your studio is wonderful and you are one
    organized gal. I would only be kidding myself if I said I could be like that if I had more space. No I couldn't. That is one talent you have mastered. I know your art is wonderful, thanks for sharing. Kathy

  17. Kristy you did an awesome job of making that room multi purpose!!! It's so beautifully organized and I saw a lot of things in there that I would love to have!!! I am so happy that you joined the party this year and shared it with everyone. The tour was great!!!

  18. Isn't nice to have your own space! Everything looks so neat and tidy. My kitties also love to lay on whatever I am working on, or right behind my sewing machine to watch me sew.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love your space Kristi! Especially your two assistants... with three myself, I DO know how they like to "help"! But isn't it great to have the company! Wow, you ARE organized; love the birds and butterflies too!

  20. You've done such a great job of organizing your space. I love all the storage and everything looks so neat. I know what you mean about all the different places you've had to work in. Your two fur babies are the perfect touch!

  21. Hi Kristi,
    WOW I just adore your space and all the organized treasures you have to create with.
    I love your desk and chair with sweet Kitty enjoying the comfort there. Your cards are incredible and you have inspired me to make some card banners for my garage runners in my studio. Still working on that and gathering ideas.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I have so enjoyed my visit here to your lovely blog and now a happy follower too.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Happy Creating,
    Celestina Marie

  22. Kristi, what a lovely space! You're so organized! Your daybed and butterfly prints are gorgeous! I also love your sweet kitties! Your creations are wonderful! What a perfect space to create!

  23. I only have one question, how do I get invited to be your guest? Better not invite me, I would be the house guest who never left. Fantastic repurpose of your son's old room, truly wonderful. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

  24. I agree with Sandy. When can we come over and play with your toys?! I'm impressed with your collection and your organization. What a wonderful space to create.

  25. Your studio looks like a STORE!!! Lucky YOU!!!

  26. ooooooh I am ready to make something after looking at all those goodies......looks like you like die cutting machines as much as I do.....thanks for sharing your's perfect!

  27. Kristi,
    I am so impressed with all your organizational ideas, and your beautiful work. I can't wait to go and try a few for myself. You have definetly inspired me!
    Thank you for having me in your home and sharing your studio....
    ps Thanks for stopping by my studio too

  28. Kristi,
    Thanks so much for your visit to my Craft room and I lOVED my visit to your creative space! I love your idea of how you made your desk! I have an old computer desk that was a spur of the moment decision and I have been wanting something a bit bigger with more storage and you have given me the perfect inspiration!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  29. What a beautiful space.... I love your stamp tower! You must have some amazing stamps.... Your cards are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing! I will be back!


  30. Thanks so much fpr stopping by. I love your butterfly prints and hangings. That stamp tower is wonderful. I see we have very similar storage cubes. Brave of you to show what lies within too. Loved your peeps. Your guest bed is gorgeous!!
    You have done it up so perfect. Keep smiling and creating.

  31. I love how you've created such a great multi-use space! And I really like how you store your embellies ~ I have such a hard time with them!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog ~~~

  32. Hi Kristi,
    I really enjoyed the tour.
    Your creative space is just lovely, and so well organized.
    The cubes are awesome for storage and look so nice, ( I'm going to have to make a trip to Michaels).
    I really liked your idea to wrap your favorite ribbons on card tags. I think it looks so pretty to have ribbons displayed.
    And, my gosh if I had a big enough craft space, I would love to have an exercise machine in there. For some reason, I think it would get used more in a space that I totally loved.
    You have put together a lovely space.

    Thanks so much for the tour :)


  33. Oh I do love your Kittys how sweet. Your craft space is lovely Thanks for sharing and also thanks for dropping by my blog, Love Hazelxo

  34. I love your space. How do you stay so organized? Thank you so much stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments.

  35. It looks great! You are so organized! I love all the peeks into your drawers and such! And I love what did with the back of the chair - I put websters trim on mine and forgot share! Next year I guess!

  36. I love the butterfly tag I saw on my way here. You have a great creative space, so nicely organized. Cats always seem to want to on top of the action.

  37. Hi, Kristi!

    I love your space! Your cards are absolutely beautiful! I have two cats also. Only one spends time with me in my studio. She is well-behaved and curls up on my comfy chair.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your very kind comments.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  38. Kristi..... Good for you to think of creating a multi-functional space. I have taken over one of the bedrooms but when all three boys are home it would be helpful to have a place for them to sleep in there. Oh, well. Bad mom!...bad mom! (wink, wink). The fact that you own so many tools makes me so want to come over and play. Especially since I have no idea how to use some of them! Your cards are so lovely .. shows how talented you are! And one more thing.... love your desk chair! I am searching for just the right one so I keep my eyes open to what others have chosen. Thanks for sharing your space with me..... !!!!

  39. Your room is so organized! Love the stamp tower! You certainly have a nice room to create in.
    Thank you for visiting me!

  40. Don't you just love those old pieces of furniture that can be repurposed for storage? Loved the armoire. I am looking for one now to add some character to my studio. Most of us bloggers/crafters would admit to having multi-purpose rooms, and you have done it beautifully. Thanks for allowing us to tour!


  41. Oh your paper projects are wonderful. I love what you do, and I love to do paper projects among other crafts. I have the same modular units that you have in my studio. Come say hi, and I am a new follower here. Would love if you would do the same.

    1. I so enjoyed seeing your craft space, you have so many beautiful things here. So much stash but oh so tidy too, I salute you.,
      Thanks for visiting my tiny attic.

  42. Hi Kristi! You have such wonderful treasures in your sweet creative space! Love all the inspiring materials, artfully displayed! Your cards are simply lovely too...such fabulousness every where!!

    Thank you for your visit to my space - and for your sweet words of encouragement! I really appreciate it! It's been wonderful to see where you create - what a treat!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  43. Love your space - so bright and creative. I am running so late visiting everyone, but I like to take my time and enjoy each one. Thanks for sharing.

  44. What a lovely space! I am enjoying seeing everyone's studios and seeing how each person organizes and displays their pretty things. You have a beautiful space and I would find much inspiration here. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us through this blog hop!

  45. What a beautiful creative space! I love your cubbies and drawers, and really love your stamp tower. And the bird cage holding your ribbons is such a pretty storage solution! Thanks for sharing!

  46. I love how well you have used your space, it's like my dream set up. So neat and tidy, able to find everything - I'd love to visit :O) Though the bed might be just a bit too tempting on a Sunday arvo - I love a good nap! THanks so much for sharing, you have some wonderful ideas posted here which I'm about to go back and look at more closely :O)

  47. Wonderful studio! So organized. I love all your nooks and crannies and how you make use of your space. Thanks for a great tour.


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