Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader!

It's almost here. Sadly, Google Reader will be no more as of Monday, July 1. That's in 2 days. I'm pretty sure everyone knows about it now,but in case you haven't, stay with me.

As you know, right now any blog you follow is with Google Friend Connect (the "followers" widget>>>>>) was automatically added to your Google reader,so you can read new blog posts there if you wish. You also have the option of finding me in your Blogger dashboard if you have a Blogger account. Now, I'm not sure what will happen to the "followers" widget. I've heard rumors that it may not stay. Just rumors, not a fact.

If you want to keep up with all of the blogs you follow, you may want to consider changing over to one of the blog readers such as Bloglovin' or Feedly. I have places for each in my sidebar and I would love to have you subscribe to my blog with one of these in order to stay current on the happenings here at Kristi's Paper Creations. There are also other readers out there, but I'm in the process of checking them out and don't know all of them yet. I personally use Bloglovin' because I find it very easy to use.

Please note that if you currently subscribe to my blog via email, this change will not affect you. You will continue to receive emails from Feedburner every time I make a new post.

I would like to take this time to thank all of my subscribers, I am flattered and honored that you have chosen to come back again and again to see me. I really appreciate all of your visits and sweet comments every day!

Since you come here  to see cards, I won't disappoint you with a wall of text to read and nothing else! I actually have a card to share!
I think the sentiment fits the occasion! Thanks again, and if you have any questions, please click the "contact me" button at the top of the page or the email icon in the sidebar. I'll do my best to help! Have a great weekend,everyone!


  1. Such a sweet card! You did not cards never do!

    Double checked to make sure that my Bloglovin is up to date. Would hate to miss any of your posts!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh so cute with wonderful colors!
    Will I follow you with Blog Lovin? You Betcha!!!!

  3. Sweet card! I love the lace skirt you made so cute.

  4. Guess what I'm doing this weekend?! I too will surely miss Google Reader -- UGH! Your card is, as always, Kristi, a lovely treat for the eyes! I don't think any of us will be disloyal!!! ;')

  5. That doily skirt is so cute. Love the vibrancy of the card.

  6. This is another perfect example of your beautiful work! Love it!

  7. HA! They may get rid of Google Reader, but you won't get rid of me. I'm your #1 blog stalker (although I can think of a couple of people who might fight me for that title)!
    Wonderful card as always, I recognize the stamp, but what are those lovely papers? And I adore that double bow, so super fab!

  8. What a darling card with the beautiful dress form! Love all the color with pretty ribbons and buttons! And, no prob about getting rid of'm subscribed so I can continue to see your amazing creations!:-)

  9. Adorable and clever it ,dress forms are one of my favorites, and this one is super cute!!

  10. Gorgeous that dress form!


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