Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013 Blog Party

Hi everyone! It's time again to share our creative spaces with a huge link party sponsored by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage. I would like to thank Karen for making this opportunity for us to share  with everyone!

Where Bloggers Create
I participated last year and my space has changed a lot since then. I am constantly rearranging my room to accommodate the way I craft and any new ideas that spring into my mind! We'll start the tour of my craft room from the hallway looking in:
This is a spare bedroom on the main floor of my home. I left a bed in here for my daughter for when she has sleepovers. The girls usually spill over in here and use the bed instead of sleeping on the floor. It will eventually go, but it's ok for me right now.
Here is the view of my desk. It's made up of 8 Jetmax cubes with a melamine shelf top and a piece of plexiglass cut to fit the top. My daughter likes to sit across from me and do her homework while I make cards. I used to have a small dining room table as my worktop, but this has drawers down each side and I can store all of my supplies close at hand.

Here is the side view.

I think every crafter I know has one of these! They are just so darn handy! This is where I store my adhesive gun,other adhesives,scissors and other miscellaneous tools that I need often.

 All of my markers and washi tapes.........
This embellishment shelf rests on my desktop against the wall and holds jars of small embellishments that would get lost in the desk drawers. I really should hang it up!
I found this dress form jewelry holder at Marshall's and thought it would be the cutest pin cushion.
My ink pad organizers hang on the wall immediately to my right,very convenient! Each of my embossing folders has a sample that I've hung on the left, I can see the patterns easily and it helps me choose just the right one for a card.
These shelves are directly above my desk and hold supplies that are needed often so I don't have to leave my chair.

The next several pictures are showing what's in the drawers on my side of the desk.

This set of cubes are directly behind me,I removed my chair so you can see it better. I keep my card stock scraps,laptop computer and Silhouette Portrait die cut machine here.

Here is a sampling of what I keep here:

Here is where I keep my sewing machine. It's the first time  I've been able to keep it out in the open. I don't really sew too much, although I do sew on my cards quite often. The wall above just has a collage of art that I've made,collected or was given to me by friends. I add to it as I bring things home.
The little burlap curtain is hiding the ugly outlet and the sewing machine cords.
 thread and bobbin storage
A closer look above the sewing machine.
In front of the windows is a dining table I bought at Ikea. I use it as a die cut table and all purpose table to spread my supplies out as I'm working. It also has room for friends to come over and stamp!
Next to the table is a stamp tower where I store all of my wood mounted stamps. I have them sorted by subject matter.
Below, a closer look:
Here is my storage closet. I use it for additional craft supplies that aren't used all of the time.
I took out the clothing bar and added a pantry shelf kit by Rubbermaid. This closet is packed!!!
Yes it is!!!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my little space! I feel blessed to have it and I love spending time here!

Thanks for coming to visit!!!


  1. Kristi, wow it looks like a wonderful place to create. Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  2. Beautiful space! And so neat! I would be so embarrassed to show my cubbies and drawers-although maybe that would be a good thing. I might actually find some lost goodies!

  3. Wow.......fabulous creative space Kristi, so much great storage for all your supplies!

  4. Wow! I really enjoyed touring your creative space. I love the white drawers with the divided compartments. Your stash looks divine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your space so organised and light...really puts mine to

  6. Great crafting room! Everything is neat and organized.

  7. Oh my gosh! You have so so many things in here! I envy you! But first of all - you have your OWN room :)

  8. Fabulous cozy place for all your creating, Kristi! Love how you have everything organized!

  9. WOW! This is AWESOME! I wish my place was clean!!! I can always dream..........

  10. So neatly organized and bright!!! I'm envious as we had to add sun screens to my big south window this spring -- our summer desert heat would run me out of my room by mid-afternoon, but now it's darker in here. :-( Hubby says he'll getter me brighter bulbs, but I'm thinking a Solatube or 2? HA! I'm eyeballing that extra spot for a friend to come stamp -- sure WISH we lived close -- boo-hoo!!! Fun though to see other's Happy Places!

  11. You have a beautiful room. I love all your organization, and your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Kristi, I love your clean and organized craft space. I especially like the small accents of color from your supplies and accessories. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  13. What a fabulous, organized craft room. So beautifully set up. Where bloggers create is what inspired me to finally get my craft room to a point that I wouldn't be embarrassed to post pictures of it on my blog. That was a year ago...It looked neat and organized then...I think I need to get back in and clean it up again, so I can retake some pics.

  14. A gorgeous room to create in no wonder you can turn out such beautiful work working in this beautiful creative space!! I am in the process of moving my room from one to another, and its pure chaos right now, so it was lovely to see your clean and uncluttered space and gave me some idea, too!!

  15. I love your Happy Place! It's so organized, and I'm impressed with how you were able to label your photos with where things are stored. Thanks for the tour!

  16. Hi Kristi- your room is both beautiful and perfect! Didn't we all use our spare bedrooms as craft rooms?!! I love the bed in the room--

    Your crafting supplies are organized perfectly-- they all look so colorful and pretty. Your special place is bright and cheery:)

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my little yarn room--

  17. Wow.. You certainly know how to utilize your space!!!.. And very tastefully done as well.. Not cluttered! Everything in it's proper place! I thought it was so sweet that you and your daughter work together, across the desk, regardless that your tasks were not the same! Thanks for sharing your "happy place"! I really enjoyed stopping by today! ~tina

  18. I didn't show my card crafting area this year and always enjoy seeing how others store their supplies. You've made good use of your space with everything organized nicely.

  19. I am super impressed with how organized and handy everything is in your space - especially since you have a bed in there! I have a speaker that streams Pandora too! (What stations do you like? I love my Early Jazz station) I also love those cubes behind your desk and I think it is awesome that your daughter can come in and do homework while you are working.... good bonding time.

    Thanks for sharing and take care!

  20. You have so much beautiful supplies, so well organized. I think you must be very happy here, in this clear, tidy space. Thank you for sharing.


  21. You are so organized! I love it! Beautiful room! My studio is my happy place too!

  22. Such a pretty little room ~ and your organization is great!

  23. Great Happy place!!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  24. Oh, how I love your space . . . and the organization . . . oh-boy, I could use a bit of your help with that! Love the window, too. And the sign "This is my happy place" . . . perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi Kristi, what a sweet place, so tidy and organized and so much storage space! Love your "Happy Place" sign! Thanks for sharing your creative space!
    Have a great week!

  26. You have a wonderfully organized space...what a delight it must be to create in there. It looks like everything is so easy to find. I love your stamp tower!!
    That "Happy Place" sign is certainly appropriate!

  27. What a fun studio and so beautifully organized!

  28. Wow, I cant get over how well you have organized all the things, they are put away so neatly and it looks very roomy and light in your work space (all well thought and played out). And the colours are very fresh and light too in there.

    Truly a Happy Place to work in : )

  29. Oh Kristi, what a wonderful room - you are soooo organized, I love it! I also love the idea of making samples of your embossing folders; I have done the same for my punches, but I must do it for my folders as well - brilliant! How great that your daughter likes to be in there working with you too.

    A Happy Place indeed! Thank you for the tour!

  30. Kristi your studio is awesome! I myself am a big fan of organization. Without it, it would be very hard to stay in the creative zone!! I am so pleased that you joined the party again this year. I know many women were inspired by your awesome space!

  31. Great work area! So positive! Love the samples of embossing folders idea! I gotta add this to my system! I'm also one of your newest email followers. Hugs!

  32. a beautiful place to be creative in!

  33. Your room is bright and colorful. I just LOVE the small mannequin on your desk and love how you have your ribbon spools stored on the paper towel holder. I've got to try that. I'm going to have to come back and look at your room more closely. Oh, and I'm a follower of yours!


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